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Care Solutions Offers Placement Services to Help Families Find the Best Senior Care Options

The process of finding your loved one a new place to live can be extremely difficult. Not only is this an emotional time for any family, but the wide variety of options for senior care can feel overwhelming. That’s why Care Solutions exists – to make the process of putting a loved one into senior care easier and less stressful.

We offer our extensive knowledge of senior care living options in the greater Portland area to families in need. After getting to know your family’s particular needs, your professional senior care advisor at Care Solutions can offer guidance as to which senior care living option is best for your loved one.


Questions to Ask Your Senior Care Advisor at Care Solutions

Of course, any time you seek professional help, it is wise to ask your own questions. To make sure your senior care advisor is the right fit for you, you may have more questions for your senior care advisor, but here are some questions you can start with:

Are there cost-effective housing options just outside my zip code?

One of the first things your senior care advisor will want to know is your location preferences for senior care living. However, you may find more cost-effective options if you expand your search area, so keep an open mind.

Can I find a senior living community that allows us to tie in volunteer services such as Meals On Wheels, etc.?

You’ll be pleased to find that many senior living communities have relationships with local community services and volunteer organizations. If you are currently using a service that you’d like to continue with, even after your loved one moves into senior care living, or if you feel you might like to try those services in the future, let your senior care advisor know.

Can you tell me about your background and experience?

In order to build a trusting relationship with your senior care advisor, ask about their personal and professional experience with senior care and assisted living facilities. This will give you an idea of any common ground you share and how they handle themselves professionally. Once you’re comfortable with your senior care advisor, it will be easier for both of you together to find the best care solution for your loved one.

Do you know of any financial programs that are city or state-specific?

Senior care living can be costly, so be sure to let your senior care advisor know if you’ll need financial assistance to cover the costs of senior care, such as Medicaid or Veterans Benefits. The sooner you apply, the better. Many government-funded programs have a lengthy application and approval process. Apply quickly and continue your search for care and housing options while that piece is in works.


Care Solutions Can Answer These Questions and More!

When you’re ready to seek out senior care living options for your loved one, contact Care Solutions. Whatever your family’s unique needs are, Care Solutions is pledged to helping families find the right care solution for their loved one. You will find yourself in caring hands with the team at Care Solutions. We strive to ease the process of placing a loved one into care by taking away stress. Care Solutions offers a free placement assessment to find out if you or your loved one are a good fit for one of the many Residential Care Facility options in the greater Portland area.

For superior care solutions, families can depend on Care Solutions.


To get started, simply contact or call us at 503-548-7312.