Our Story

Brenda Schuh - owner caresolutionsnw.com

Care Solutions was created in response to a need I saw many years ago as I watched my family cope with the care needs of my grandmother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s when I was a teen. Many of my fondest memories growing up were of spending time with her, so watching the woman I’d known fade away as her disease progressed was very difficult.

Anyone who has dealt with a progressively degenerative disease knows it affects not just the individual but the entire family. As heartbreaking as it was watching my grandmother slowly lose all memory of who we were, and who even she was, at times seeing how that process affected my family was even more difficult. I saw my mother endure years of heartache as she muddled through the trial and error of searching for quality care while exhausted and lacking comprehensive resources to turn to for information and support.

In the years after my grandmother’s death I went on to begin my own family, becoming a mother to two beautiful children and building a career working in accounting and senior related industries. I never forgot the need for support that I’d seen during those hard years of my grandmother’s illness though and as time passed and I would hear of other families going through the similar situations, the idea of building a resource to fill that need kept surfacing in my mind. Eventually, after spending hundreds of hours visiting facilities, building contacts and thoroughly familiarizing myself with the options in this area, I made the leap.

As I’ve built this senior care advisory business and worked with family after family specializing in memory care, assisted living, residential care facilities, and adult care homes, I’ve learned that my 15-year background in finance and business offers skills that are especially useful when it comes to advocating and negotiating care placements. And the personal experience I have from my grandmother’s illness gives me great understanding for how to compassionately lend support to families during deeply emotional times. As your care coordinator my goal is to immediately bring support and stress relief to your situation. And as we continue to work together, I will help you create a plan that addresses not just your current needs, but one that also looks ahead to reduce your anxiety about the future. It’s my honor to help you, to support you, to advocate for you and to provide you with the very best information and resources available.