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Care Solutions Offers Placement Services to Help Families Find the Best Senior Care Options

Care Solutions was formed to fulfill a specific need that was found lacking – the need for access to readily available resources for families who are in the process of searching for senior care options. Making the decision to place your family member into a senior care facility is difficult enough on its own. Finding the right care facility is all but impossible without the right resources. For one, there are 1500 Senior Living Communities in the metro area alone near Portland. Additionally, there are different types of Senior Living Communities, and all provide unique types of care.

Which choice is the best? Which community would work best for your loved one? Care Solutions helps you find the answers to these questions. We know that each situation is unique. For us to better understand your needs and for you to understand how Care Solutions can help, we encourage keeping an open line of communication. We are here to answer any questions you may have.


More Questions to Ask Your Senior Care Advisor at Care Solutions

With that in mind, you may want to start with some questions to ask your Senior Care Advisor at Care Solutions. Here are a few more questions you can ask your Senior Care Advisor to ensure you get the best help:

Do You Know of Any Moving Companies That Specialize in Moving Seniors?

It is true that the primary service provided by Senior Care Advisors is to identify senior care and housing options for your loved one. However, there is more to the process of placing your family member into a Senior Living Community than just bringing them there once the decision is made. You will also likely be faced with physically relocating them and any of their personal belongings. You may find yourself tasked with selling your family member’s home and packing things up. If you need it, ask your Senior Care Advisor to help connect you with local resources for assistance. Your Senior Care Advisor is meant to provide you with resources and may know of moving companies and related services that help in this specific situation.

How Long Do You Estimate Each Step of the Search Process to Take?

How long this process takes can vary for each client and is dependent on a number of factors, such as benefits, finances, geographic area, required care type, etc. After learning about your unique situation, your Senior Care Advisor should be able to provide an estimated timeline and help guide you through each step of the process as you prepare your loved one for the final move.

What Can I Expect from You After This Conversation?

Ask your Senior Care Advisor to outline what will happen as they begin the process of searching for Senior Living Communities. They should be able to let you know the immediate next steps of the process and how they will assist you along the way. Ask about any other services they may provide, such as help identifying:

  • Additional opportunities in the event the first options aren’t to your liking;
  • Additional care options down the road should your needs change; and
  • Local community resources and/or services.


Care Solutions Can Answer These Questions and More!

When you’re ready to seek out senior care living options for your loved one, contact Care Solutions to get an assesment. Whatever your family’s unique needs are, Care Solutions is pledged to helping families find the right care solution for their loved one. You will find yourself in caring hands with the team at Care Solutions. We strive to ease the process of placing a loved one into care by taking away stress. Care Solutions offers a free placement assessment to find out if you or your loved one are a good fit for one of the many Residential Care Facility options in the greater Portland area.

For superior care solutions, families can depend on Care Solutions.


To get started, simply contact or call us at 503-548-7312.