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Care Solutions Aids Families In The Greater Portland Area

If you have a family member or loved one who needs to make the change to living in a senior care community, Care Solutions is here to help. Care Solutions understands how difficult it can be for families to seek out care for a loved one. Aside from how emotionally draining it can be, the pressure to find the right senior living community can be an immense undertaking.

How Does Care Solutions Help?

There are more than 1,500 senior living communities in the metro area alone. Sifting through the mountain of options can be difficult and intimidating. At Care Solutions, we offer families an intimate knowledge of the best senior living communities available to them. It is our job at Care Solutions to know our local senior living communities and what type of care they offer. We can use that knowledge to help inform families about which senior living communities may suit their needs best.

Senior Placement Process

There’s more to consider than what the local senior living communities offer, of course. Care Solutions is also ready to consider the special needs of your family member. We make assessments and placement decisions based on a system that considers five dimensions of living: care, cost, location, social preferences, and spiritual needs. Once we are familiar with your family and your loved one who is in need of care, we can then make highly personalized recommendations.

Care Solutions is uniquely positioned to be able to give families advice during their time of need. With our knowledge of local senior living communities and a familiarity with the needs of your family member, we can help you find the right fit more easily.

Rely On Care Solutions To Find The Best Senior Living Community Options

When you’re ready to seek out senior care living options for yourself or a loved one, contact Care Solutions. Whatever your family’s unique needs are, Care Solutions is pledged to helping families find the right care solution for them. You will find yourself in caring hands with the team at Care Solutions. We strive to ease the process of placing a loved one into care by taking away the stress. Care Solutions offers a free placement assessment to find the best senior care solutions for you and your family.

For superior care solutions, you can depend on Care Solutions.


To get started simply contact us or call us at 503-548-7312.